This week, I had the pleasure of attending Mumbrella's Sports Marketing Summit. As well as hearing about new sports like Rapid Rugby and how they're being taken to market, and the growing interest and market demand for women's sports, there was also significant conversation around the role of influencers in sports marketing strategies. 

In particular, a conversation that resonated strongly was around the location of influencers - particularly in Australia, it's more common than not to be following influencers from the US, UK or across Asia for tips on new brands to follow or trending products to purchase. Consequently, when brands are looking to engage with Australians through an influencer strategy, this needs to take international influencers into consideration as much as local ones - and conversely, if you're working with local influencers, brands need to ensure they're digging into data around where their followers are based, as it's common for Australian influencers to have as little as 40% of their following to be based in Australia. i.e. Even if you have an Australian ambassador, who are they really influencing?

With more data at our fingertips than ever, it's the simple sense checks and validation that is increasingly required around influencers before a contract is signed that will help ensure you're reaching and influencing the right audience.