Fernando Machado, Global CMO, Burger King has been quoted saying “campaigns without creativity simply become “wallpaper” and no one takes any notice”.

Well, if there’s one thing Cannes Lions 2019 has shown us, it’s that Burger King is no wallflower.

A recipient of 94 Cannes Lions in four years, Burger King has this year taken home the Direct Grand Prix, as well as two Gold Lions for the attention grabbing “Whopper Detour” campaign.

NBC called the campaign “genius…or pure evil”, while WIRED shouted from the rooftops that Burger King was offering its customers a “taste of the future”. What the industry saw was a brand focused on “mobile mobile mobile” and using it mesmorisingly.

In December 2018, Burger King (BK) landed on the idea of geo-fencing 14,000 McDonald’s in the US and offering Burger King customers a Whopper for 1 cent if they ordered via the app within 600 feet of a McDonald’s.

This bold and audacious use of geo-location marketing had the BK app move from position 686 in the charts to no. 1 in 48 hours, saw 1.5 million downloads of the app in 9 days, mobile sales triple during the promotion and mobile sales double after promotion. Not only that but it saw the highest store traffic in 4 years for the company.

This revolutionary approach to turning brand experience upside down through the use of combining technology, mobile and creativity is a jaw-dropping example of delivering ROI for business in a different way. And Burger King isn’t alone in tapping into the use of geo-location. Last year, research found 87% of marketers were using location data or targeting in their marketing campaigns and the like of Blis and Verve are also altering the status quo.

However, Burger King has now set a high bar, and is truly developing a legacy approach to marketing. Their work demonstrates how pervasive mobile is today in determining success and how, if brands use technology in conjunction with lofty, exhilarating and enticing ideas then they will not only deliver on short term goals of sales, but hopefully prepare themselves for a disruptive and head-turning future.