Earlier this week, Verishop boldly stepped out into the e-commerce space with the launch of its game-changing, Amazon-alternative platform. *eye roll* Sound familiar?  Of course it does! That's because everyone from Rakuten to Overstock to the ever-fading Jet.com, have touted similar anti-Amazon messages in the media for decades. 

What's different this time around? Honestly, not much. The promise of "curation" has been one that e-commerce sites have been trying to get right since the beginning of time. Verishop has turned the "recommended products" or "top sellers" function into what they're calling the "Tastemakers" section, where influencers "can promote products and draw in fans."

And here we are back to the deep unknown of Influencer Marketing - continuing to blur the lines between advertisement and authenticity. Don't get me wrong, I'm not hating on Verishop or any site for that matter that offers a variety of new ways for consumers to connect and explore. What I will say to Verishop (and other e-commerce sites) is stop burying the lede!  

By FAR the most exciting/important/different thing about Verishop is its "Responsible Store" that gives consumers a one-stop-shop for finding and exploring brands that "make them feel good about their purchases." In our recent High Stakes Leadership research, corporate social responsibility is one of the top areas where consumers expect businesses to take a stand over the next few years or they'll risk losing customer loyalty/trust.  

This won't be the last time we see another e-commerce site try to "fix" what's broken throughout the shopper journey - from discovery through purchase and back again - but it's promising to see that new platforms are starting to head in the right direction.