London Tech Week brings a wealth of really interesting news and events to the city. 

It also brings a keen lens onto the tech scene here more broadly. Although the growing numbers of so called "Unicorns" has in no way gone unnoticed, the news that London has overtaken San Francisco as world leader for Unicorns was welcome news. 

And the investment numbers that are being talked about here are impressive. 

But with this growth it also means more competition and in order to secure investment, these organisations need to have very clear business goals, brand values and communications strategies. They must be able to stand out. 

PR often comes far too low down the list for businesses, but it is business critical in this dynamic technological world. The Unicorns of this world are showing that by prioritising PR and comms, they can ensure that they are not a rarity or a risk.

This news is also very timely with Hotwire's own London Tech Week event happening this Thursday: Is London THE global centre of excellence for PR and communications in tech?  - get your ticket here

I'm delighted that we are working with a number of these companies to support their future growth. If you want to talk to us about how we can help, just drop us a line.