Work-life balance remains elusive for many Australian workers. Census data shows 40 percent of Aussies are working beyond the eight-hour working day, and even more than this when travel time is factored in.

It’s no wonder then that employees and potential candidates are increasingly looking for employers that value flexible working and offer incentives that reflect the importance of work-life balance.

Businesses leading the charge are offering staff incentives such as an extra five days of paid annual leave and increased parental leave, while others are given the option of taking the school holidays with their children.

According to consulting firm Ernst & Young,  flexible work policies are important to attract the best industry talent and ensure that employees can pursue their personal passions so they remain satisfied in their roles.

At Hotwire Australia, we are proud to be setting an example, which was recently recognised in our win of PR Employer of the Year at the Mumbrella CommsCon awards. We offer a number of incentives to reward our teams, and support employees to achieve their goals in both their personal and professional lives. Such incentives include thoughtful working, wellness initiatives like yoga and meditation, and exciting travel programs designed to promote professional development.