Next week is the annual AMEC Summit - a gathering of those who are deeply interested in the finer points of measurement and evaluation of communications. It's always an eye-opener and a thought starter.  

This year, AMEC is going all technical with the theme being DATA: Analytics, Algorithms and Augmentation. It will be a window into the future as we discuss the impact of tech on communications insights and evaluation.

And as always, we'll bemoan the level of measurement maturity across the industry. We'll frown at outdated concepts and gather for a collective plaintive wail as someone mentions the 'A*%' acronym. But it'll be fun!

So it's with the AMEC Summit in mind that I share this short and simple blog post by the fantastic Seth Godin.

We still get measured by clients insisting on a range of outdated metrics. One of the most frequent is to celebrate impressions. 

Godin has a way with words. His demolition of the importance of impressions is super simple.  He's spot on when he says "that it makes sense to pay extra to reach precisely the right people. It never makes sense to pay extra to reach more people."

And that brings me onto the conversation around the use of planners in PR and communications and the importance of data driven strategy - but I'll save that for another day!