Last week, Brand Innovators hosted BrandFest Minneapolis bringing together marketers and media professionals to discuss future trends in marketing and share best practices and case-studies. 

Day 3 of the conference covered the Future of TV & Media and featured inspiring speakers from Dairy Queen, Regis Corporation, Anytime Fitness, Mall of America, Mayo Clinic and more. Here are a few takeaways:

1. TV is not dead - TV is still the most effective and broadest reaching form of media and advertising. Yes, it has evolved with the rise of streaming, OTT content and other digital trends but this presents brands with new opportunities and shouldn't be a reason to abandon it. 

2. Media buying based on demographics is antiquated - Instead, brands like Dairy Queen look at attributes that unite their target audience. For the fast food chain it happens to be both country music and rap (who knew?). By targeting based on interests, they are able to narrow down a mass audience and be effective without narrowing it too much. 

3. Quality content reigns - Deluxe Corporation shared how they were able to show up against their competition despite not having the big media & ad budgets. They launched a video series on Hulu called Small Business Revolution - Main Street that features the transformation of small businesses in small towns across the country. The series continues to show extreme ROI for the company proving that earned content still delivers.

We wish we caught all 3 days of great content and discussion at BrandFest but we're excited to have them back in the Twin Cities later this year!