Venture Capital, to a start-up founder, is the golden ticket. Over the years, they have built a solid reputation for hoovering up promising businesses, helping them grow into cash-rich global behemoths. But as the fintech space enters an era of maturity, and regulators and industry incumbents play catch-up, investment decisions in VCs will undergo more scrutiny. This means even the most disruptive of fintechs will face more challenges securing funding and achieving the ‘founders dream’.

A solid corporate communications strategy can be vital to helping a fintech business achieve its investment goals. VCs and other investors maintain teams of researchers, who scour the media, analyst notes and other information sources, for reputable knowledge to qualify investment decisions. A presence in the right places, on the right subjects, won’t just put your business on investors’ radars, it can greatly influence their decision-making processes too.

There are many good communications agencies out there that can help generate noise around of your business to drive sales and brand awareness. But for this particular objective, a specific communications toolkit is required:

  • Corporate Messaging Session: The foundation of any good corporate communications campaign, a messaging session involves creating a consistent narrative around your business and the strategic themes surrounding it. It is not just valuable for marketing and PR towards investors but also across all business functions – every employees should be able to tell a consistent story around the business!
  • Executive Profiling: A media strategy focused on profiling opportunities for the founder is a reliable way to achieve awareness amongst the investor community. Profile pieces expose a founders motivations and business mission, which gives people analysing your business a fly on the wall account of how it works. Executive profiling can be supported with a proactive media programme whereby comment or interviews opportunities are secured on subjects related to your business.
  • Analyst Relations: Industry analysts carry huge influence in the investment community for their impartial trusted views. Engaging and updating analysts with the right proof points around your business will keep it at the front of their minds, and increase the chances of them featuring your business in their analyst notes/reports read by investors.
  • Media and Pitch Deck Training: Founders may have spoken to the media and presented to investors before. But in high-stakes scenarios, professional training can provide you with invaluable lessons to help you deliver for success, every time.  

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