The World Health Organization today issued a report saying kids under two shouldn't have any sedentary screen time at all. No TV, no phones, no tablets, nothing. 

They also say that babies can't be in a pram, stroller or car seat for over an hour. Yeah, tell that to the parents driving up North on the Bank Holiday weekend, stuck in traffic all the way up the M1. What would they have them do, walk up the motorway carrying their baby?!

But what this news does highlight is that parents out there get a lot of mixed messages about what is and isn't advised. The WHO say no to passive baby screen time, while the UK's Royal College of Pediatrics says there's no evidence screen use for kids is harmful.  Who to believe? 

This is where brands targeting families can help. These kind of issues are exactly what parents with kids of all ages worry about. Brands that really want to build trusted relationships with consumers can build campaigns that will help educate families on how to navigate tech usage in the home - so that everyone gets a bit of what they want. 

Let's get out there and help parents feel good about the choices they're making. They'll thank you for it with their loyalty.   

For more insight into how parents feel about their kids use of technology in the home check out our report: