As revealed in Hotwire's 'High Stakes Leadership in Australia' survey, Aussie marketing leaders are more likely than their global counterparts to be involved in a high-stakes communications event. And while we may be much further away from the Greenwich Mean Time zone than our fellow advisors in the Northern Hemisphere, there are several other factors at play Down Under that make timely responses to high-risk issues even more important.

Of particular concern is the emphasis we place on communicating brand values, which is significantly less than the global average—particularly when compared to the high percentage (87%) of Australian consumers who would consider ditching a product or service from a brand that handled a high-stakes issue in a way that violated their personal values. 

High-stakes issues such as government stability, mental health and environmental protection aside, Aussie businesses are also battling the underlying negative attitude of Aussies towards ambition—meaning they can't afford not to be 100% accountable and over-prepared to respond quickly.

Tall poppy syndrome—as in, the aspects/tendencies of a culture to cut down highly successful people or companies—is particularly savage in Australia. We're not sure exactly why this is; some say it originated during a political controversy as far back as the 19th Century.

While we may not be arguing over knighthoods anymore, the unspoken Aussie ethos remains—and it demands robust organisational values, transparency and humility when required. A well-thought out crisis plan has never been more critical for an organisation's marketing function.

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