Enterprise brands that have been around forever must constantly innovate to stay atop of consumers’ minds. Figuring out how to keep flagship products fresh and modern in today’s world can be a challenge. Remi Kent, the Global Brand Director of 3M’s Post-It Notes, recently spoke to my graduate cohort about how she plans to do just that.

One key message from the seminar was the importance of brand purpose – going beyond just, “we are here to make money,” or “we have the best product out there,” to best connect with target audiences. Remi goes into every project thinking “how can we win here?” 

For brands who want to innovate strategically, three things to keep in mind are:

  • Knowing what you are good at
  • Admitting when you are not the best at something
  • Knowing when to ask for help/get help from an outside source.

If you are not the best at something, that means there is someone else out there who can do it better. For the success of the brand, why not bring in those resources? When you’re working with a brand as large as Post-It Notes, there is no way your one team can be the absolute best at everything. Remi mentioned this has been a good lesson for the team in identifying their own strengths and knowing where to seek out and bring in the experts.

Consumer brands need to adapt and grow as consumers’ attitudes evolve. Remi highlighted different strategies she and her team are using at 3M to keep the Post-It Note fresh and relevant. At a high-level, this was a great reminder to never forget the foundation of why your product exists in the first place, and overall how can your work helps the greater team win.