From Global Warming to Climate Change, to Environmental Protection and now Sustainability - whatever you call it, it matters. According to research from GlobalWebIndex, "42% of U.S. and UK consumers say products that use sustainable materials are important when it comes to their day-to-day purchases." 

Beyond that, as we continue to operate in a Post-B2B world (a.k.a. B2B2C, Business to People, Marketing to Humans), we're seeing the importance of taking a stand on sensitive issues - everything from data privacy to gender equality to environmental protection - is critical for all organizations.

In fact, in a recent study, Hotwire uncovered that concerns around sustainability are becoming a "high stakes" issue for how brands communicate to their customers. The data shows that 82% of consumers would consider dropping a brand associated with a partner or supplier who handled a high-stakes issue in a way that violated their values

So as a marketer, with the fate of your brand already on your shoulders, how do you tackle one of the world's biggest problems too?? Start by taking a stand, not just on anything, but on something you truly believe in. Then you can plan, plan and plan some more - think about how your values can and should be communicated to your customers, prospects, employees, stakeholders, etc. and how those audiences can be part of the rollout. Next, do something - participate, donate, contribute, volunteer. On the issue of sustainability, for example, there are small things that make a huge difference. 

Brands can no longer talk the talk but they need to walk the walk. As a general consumer, concerns around sustainability continue to increase and impact our daily lives, brands must also address this concern and not wait until it's too late.