I've always thought doing PR for space would be a pretty cool gig. Space has an enviable haul of mind-bending statistics and research proof points at its disposal, and a lorryload of show-stopping images to take us to galaxies far away—literally. 

Outer space, perhaps more than any one brand, psyche, or moment in time, has the ability to stretch the limits of our imagination and humanity's potential. Really great stuff for PR, in other words.

Last week's first ever seen vision of a black hole, stitched together from telescopes around the world like some extraterrestrial tapestry, took the cake for one of my feel-good news moments of this year. 

The hazy orange glow, like a candle being blown out in a dark room, opened up more questions than it answered, and, in true Twitter style, was quickly memeified, being compared to everything from Brexit to Krispy Kreme donuts.

The collective imagination capturing reminded me of the power of photography to distill our doubts and inspire rapture. Even in the age of high-resolution imagery, the world was not only satisfied but ecstatic with the rather blurry offering of the black hole. 

Marketing is and should be tied to the power of imagery. As communications professionals, this is a timely reminder to always champion the visual in a world that's often predisposed to words.