I wish I read Teen Vogue when I was a teenager. That was one of my first thoughts when I attended When We Lead: Women’s Voices Reshaping Our Media last week.

Even as a consumer PR professional, I realize I subconsciously perceived the publication as focused on only unattainable fashion and beauty for teens. But what I learnt from its News and Politics editor Alli Maloney, who was on the panel of last week’s event, is just how far the publication has come since I was a teen.

A few years ago, the editorial team decided it was time to turn its attention to the political climate and not only educate, but empower young people through these ‘crazy times’. By telling stories that normally go untold to this young audience, they’ve managed to become not only a lifestyle go-to, but a LIFE go-to.

And for brands looking to engage that young Gen Z audience, Teen Vogue really is that ‘dream coverage’, now more than ever. Because as we’ve learnt in the last few years, being authentic and really telling a compelling story to reach your audience is more important than ever, especially with this incredibly smart generation.