We love to hate Ryanair. Only last week I was watching the wonderful "Cheap Flights" from Fascinating Ada (time well spent, I promise) as we were talking about the upcoming Hotwire Bootcamp which will be hosted in Dublin this year.

Yesterday they hit the news after trolling the BA flight which accidentally went to Scotland instead of Germany. In PR such instances offer a great chance for some issues response, not only in traditional media but across social channels. 

There are plenty of examples of brands getting this right, offering insightful commentary, adding to the debate or even adding a bit of humour and brand personality to some situations. Oreo, Marmite, Greggs all spring to mind as great social examples.

Ryanair did not fare so well (pun intended), with people instantly responding to its dig at BA with comments on how poor its service is and offering "Dummies Guides" on all manner of things that would serve to improve the brand in their eyes.

So perhaps there is scope to talk about a Dummies Guide to Issues Response. When we look at issues response in the B2B tech space there are two key criteria our response has to fill - it has to add something useful to the conversation (insight, analysis, proof points) and it has to be interesting. 

Criticising another brand is never the right approach.

If your response is a comment just for comments sake you are likely to get lost in the noise, or worse, called out for issues you'd rather were forgotten.

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