How often would you estimate you pay in cash? The answer varies greatly by age and location but overall just 30% of the UK's payments are made via cash.

That might seem high to you - it does to me as a Londoner in my twenties - but know this: it is expected to fall to just 10% over the next 15 years. The same percentage that Sweden the 'cashless society' poster-child (or villain, depending on how you view its success) currently achieves.

But first, before we get excited about paying for ice-creams with a mere tap of a contactless card, it might be prudent to fully consider the ramifications of such a societal change. The change greatly risking the welfare of our communities' elderly, poor and rural citizens.

Can we easily safeguard these citizens while transitioning? No, not all too easily it would appear.

The UK's Access to Cash Review published an initial report late last year on how best to protect these groups and recently shared a Spring 2019 report that covered off recommendations to regulators, government and industry.

So, can we look forward to a fully painless transition by following them? It appears we'll have to wait to see how closely the recommendations are followed...

(Oh, and we can't forget about the privacy that paying in cash affords us. But that's for a separate post.)