Calvin Klein ads are iconic. No question about that, particularly for those of us of a certain age who just may have had those pinned up on our walls.

But while they're still an iconic company, their performance has been less than stellar recently. So what are they doing to turn it around?

I don't think anyone would have expected that they would turn to a new social platform based on amateur music videos.

But by turning to TikTok (and if you're not yet familiar with TikTok, here's a great primer) Calvin Klein is already achieving a renaissance among young fashion-obsessed consumers. In fact, Calvin Klein's campaign on TikTok has already had more than 10 times the engagement than the one they ran with Justin Bieber. (And I would put serious money on it costing considerably less).

I'm not saying that TikTok is always going to produce such stellar results, but for consumer brands trying to reach new audiences, experimenting with new platforms must now be part of their DNA. If an iconic brand like Calvin Klein is doing it, there are no excuses.