While physical retail has always had a strong presence in the Midwest, the latest earnings results from Target, Best Buy and Walmart prove that these homegrown brands are doing something right. 

According to retail experts, brands that are nailing their revenue predictions all have one thing in common - their digital and physical strategies are in sync. 

It may sound simple, but satisfying the constantly changing demands of today's consumer is nearly impossible. While some consumers demand an "experience" when making a purchase, others opt for convenience and cost. A retail brand must be everything and everywhere to please everyone. 

So, how does Target  keep getting it right?  For one, Target is consistently bringing in new collaborations with private labels for a more exclusive approach, in addition to expanding online capabilities "with offers like expedited shipping and in-store pick ups." Meanwhile Kohl’s has "embraced Amazon like no other retailer" by offering physical locations for online returns and even selling Amazon products. If you can't beat 'em...

With Q1 2019 coming to a close and offering a promising outlook for retailers, this space will continue to be one to watch for all good reasons as creative, data-driven retail brands become the poster children for building a truly integrated customer experience.