We all know how important it is to know our audience when it comes to external comms, with vast resource going into developing personas and conducting research on the market. But what do you know about your most valuable asset – your employees? Do you know the gender balance of your workforce? Do you know their interests – how many like yoga or how many are interested in TED talks, for example?

At last night’s ‘HR, Talent and Culture’ event at TechSpace, much of the discussion focused on the importance of knowing your workforce like you would your customer base. Catherine Maskell, MD of the Content Marketing Association (CMA), stressed that “helping those who help your customers” is vital in ensuring repeat custom and positive experience, for new and existing customers alike.

CMA award winners RBS Group and Virgin were cited as best practice examples of content-led internal engagement – both organisations using tech to engage large scale disparate workforces and to grow a consistent company culture across the organisation.

Not only are organisations investing in content-led campaigns, but they are looking to new tech to engage with those at the coalface. Platforms like Poppulo help to create highly personalised, interactive content targeted to specific internal audiences. While SocialChorus gives companies the tech to publish – and importantly, to measure – employee communications.

Some organisations are going one step further to create communication across the sales chain, and Karma Cola is one example of a company doing great things here. The company, which gives proceeds back to the people who grow cola in Boma village, Sierra Leone, have spent a lot of time talking to their employees about the growers. But they’re now asking their employees to tell their story to the farmers. It’s real through the line communication – and is a fantastic idea for engagement beyond your immediate workforce.

Catherine Maskell from the CMA emphasised that you don’t need to be a large organisation to know how important company values are. It’s essential that in a world when transparency and employee retention are so very important, companies get internal comms right, investing in the right content – and the right tech – to help them on that journey.