Increasingly, I'm having conversations with clients and marketers across the industry about concerns regarding the excessive influx of content, particularly in the tech sector. 

From social content, to how-to guides and whitepapers, there's seemingly something for everyone, but marketers are becoming nervous about adding to the noise rather than delivering value and generating real thought leadership. 

The reality is millennials and older consumers alike are spending more time online than ever before, with more devices, and more interactions. Despite not being the most likely to share content online, older consumers were recently found to still spend 7-9 hours a day online, consuming comparable amounts of online information to their younger professional counterparts. 

Consequently, marketers need to recognise there's a broader risk of creating content for content's sake. Consumers—from digital natives to the most experienced C-suite audience—are hungry for highly personalised, industry-specific and expert information that adds value based on their current need state. 

We cannot keep creating generic content for millennials, the C-suite, or anyone in between. 

How are you approaching content for enterprise audiences?