Pinpointing public reaction is an art form. Staggeringly popular on Facebook, LadBible boasts 34 million likes worldwide, and another 2 million likes on an Australian-focused version alone. 

And yet, in spite of this vogue, LadBible's announcement of its formal venture into Australia this week was largely met with derision on Twitter and in the comments section in Mumbrella , with people decrying the platform as superficial at best, and accusing it as an outlet for plagiarism at worst.

With a media landscape shrinking seemingly by the day, hearing that a new and popular publisher is intent on making local hires should be a welcome change.

And there's no reason LadBible can't make a success of it here in Australia. As evidenced by the infiltration of The Betoota Advocate into our mainstream press, Australians have plenty of appetite for meme-friendly, funny, and opinionated content. 

To me, the secret's in the medium. In the same vein as The Betoota Advocate, LadBible's content is first written for Facebook, and put on a website as an afterthought—not the other way around. This differentiation is crucial. 

But then again, Buzzfeed Australia tried something similar and is currently undergoing a restructure, which is a genuine pity.

Irrespective of whether LadBible will ultimately make a success of it in Australia, I do think it's positive digital publishing outlets are continuing to give it a go in a press landscape that's been less than friendly in the recent past.

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