I am a point in my career where I can proudly say I have worked for both WPP and Publicis but at Hotwire, my home for the last three years, I finally found an agency which has always worked hard and, more importantly, invested hard cash to make sure its global integrated workforce truly knows each other.  And you know what, it really does give us a competitive advantage.  

 I am therefore both intrigued and delighted at the news that Publicis has recognised the value in creating “company-wide leadership get-togethers”.  Hotwire has been doing that for over 15 years!

 The annual Hotwire Bootcamp is every single employee, wherever you work in the world, at one location for three days - the last three years have seen us in Brussels, Barcelona and the UK.  We do a few presentations but mostly we hang out together, sing, dance and play sports and build on our relationships - over 60% of our clients are shared globally.   On top of that you can apply to spend time, at the company’s expense, in any one of our global offices.

You may say it is easy when you are not a global behemoth!  However, there is a real cost, which as a CFO should make me blink.  At Hotwire it is a chunk of change enough to make a large holding company blink twice but thankfully our parent company Enero sees the value and is hugely supportive.

In the current marketplace it is vital integrated client teams know each other personally and professionally, I actually believe clients can feel it in the room at a pitch.  I wish Publicis every success with their new programme, we are currently working out where Bootcamp 2019 is and I will happily sign the cheque in the knowledge every penny is well spent!