Ofcom has just released its annual report looking into children's use of tech. It will come as no surprise to any parent of young children that 70% of 5-7 year olds are watching YouTube. From slime tutorials to unboxing LOL surprises and simply watching other kids play, our kids are fixated with user-generated content. 

And it's influencing what toys they play with when they're offline and what they pester us parents to buy for them. The power of the kid influencer is real and it's growing. Zoella and Joe Sugg may have started off the craze, but the likes of Tiana from ToysandMe, Ryan ToysReview and EthanGamer are reaching an even younger audience and making a real impact on the family home whether parents realise it or not.  

I've recently worked with AdAge to identify 10 influencers under 10 that brands should know about.  Whether you're a parent or a brand targeting families, you need to know who these kids are. If you are a parent, chances are your children do...

For more insight into how YouTube and tech in general is affecting kids and families in general and what this means for brands, check out our Gen Alpha report.