Here at Hotwire we pride ourselves on having global reach with local flavor. Global in our mindset, global in our work, and global in our culture. Together all our offices, partners and affiliates span across Australia, France, US, Russia, UAE, Singapore and many more. Together we are limitless.

Wednesday night Hotwire UK hosted an event with the PRCA on Creating Compelling Content for Multiple Markets. Our Director Jessica Gross sat on the panel with speakers including Ian Burge, UK&I Corporate Comms Lead at Visa Europe, and Jennifer Lee, Head of Global Editorial Content at HSBC. The panel highlighted the challenges, as well as the successes, of global campaigns. Below are some of the tips I picked up on what can help make a global campaign successful:

Best practice: Creating compelling content for multiple markets can be challenging. The key is to have truly creative, authentic and beautiful campaigns. When a campaign touches on the emotions and empathy of your audience it transcends borders - the language does not matter.

What works well: Make sure your messaging can be localized, but simultaneously when coming up with your messaging try to take local priorities and globalize them. Content cannot solely come from an organisation’s headquarters. Empower your local teams to have influence on global content.

How to deal with challenges: Different markets around the world are at different stages of evolution. This affects campaigns whether they are consumer based or B2B. Investigate so you know the market and where it stands in that evolution; always make sure your content is relevant to your audience.

One Hotwire client, Veracode, expanded their team with us from the UK and branched out to work with our European colleagues in Germany, France and Spain starting in 2019. It has been a stellar start to say the least - our new European hub has already secured over 50 pieces of coverage in January and we have a week to go before it’s over! We were able to exceed our original target by working effectively with content generated locally to ensure team success.

Remember that even if you are in different countries, you’re still one team. Work together, support each other and guide each other. The panel, as well as our work with Veracode, makes me constantly value our agency's global approach to the work we do and I look forward to seeing what more is to come. 

For more advice on how to make your communications global contact Jessica Gross, Director & UK Head of Consumer at Hotwire Global