Last week’s overwhelming rejection of the Withdrawal Agreement by Parliament has caused rifts in the tech sector, and industry experts were quick to respond.

techUK released results of a poll showing that many of its members want a future relationship that retains a high level of alignment and access to the EU market on issues that matter to the sector, such as the free flow of data, regulation and the availability of talent. According to IT Pro, the views expressed in this survey joins a chorus of voices who have warned about the scale of disruption that a no-deal Brexit can inflict if safeguards aren't put into place.

Debate continues to rage around how British industry might react in a post-Brexit world. It’s clear to me that we’re all looking for a silver lining of hope to lighten the economic and political cloud that's forming. No matter the outcome, tech is arguably a major cause for optimism when it comes to post-Brexit prosperity.

UK tech companies like Monzo and Funding Circle, for example, attracted £2.49 billion in venture capital investment last year – indicating growing confidence in the UK’s tech sector, despite the uncertainty.

In other news, a recent report by Lars Karlsson suggested that existing technology – including enhanced driving licences with radio frequency identification (RFID) tags, which can be automatically scanned to determine whether or not a driver has the correct licence – could help border trade to run smoothly. And just yesterday the British government announced the launch of an app to allow EU nationals to apply to stay after Brexit, hoping to ease concerns among those who have made their lives in Britain.

Set against the Brexit backdrop, this is a welcome moment of optimism for UK tech and innovation.

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