2019 belongs to marketers and CES showcased the brilliance, opportunities, insight and challenges for us as the year kicks off. From the show floor to special events to invite only marketer get togethers, the discussion centered on brand trust, insight driven storytelling, integration, data and marketing as the growth engines of business.

Brand Innovators hosted a three day mega-trends event with a cluby vibe and insights from  CMOs, digital marketing and brand leaders. Erik Dickens, CMO of King’s Hawaiian took us through a case study that showed how focusing on insights led to an ad campaign that helped double revenue over 5 years and increase aided and unaided brand awareness. Marketers from Domino’s, Hershey’s, Gap, Burger King and dozens of others opened up about what’s working and not. The take away - all brands are working through various stages of customer experience, digital transformation and insights to understand buyers. 

Ann Lewnes, EVP and Chief Marketing Officer at Adobe discussed Women, Tech and Jobs of the Future with Tara Walpert Levy, VP, Agency and Brand Solutions at Google in The Girl’s Lounge. The Girl’s Lounge by The Female Quotient is at major events around the world and provides a space for women leaders to learn, network and discuss work  issues. It was packed with marketers the first day of CES with standing room only. Jennifer Breithaupt, Global Consumer Chief Marketing Officer at Citi joined a panel to discuss gender equality and Suzanne Kounkel, CMO at Deloitte Consulting discussed in a different session how women are taking top leadership roles in their own style.

Marketers also reimagined how to show up big at CES and partnerships helped brands stand out. At the Sands I couldn’t turn a corner with seeing collaborations and tech integrations, in particular with Alexa and Siri. Companies that had multiple locations such as Ooma (client), put products in context of use (Whirlpool's booth with Yumly did this well), and made it fun (Moodo smell booths were amazing) had an advantage and lines of people waiting to meet them. 

If you don’t have the budget of Google there are still many ways to engage, connect and build your brand at CES. 

Photo credit: AdWeek