The best overview of what CES brings is the CES Trends event which takes place the day before the show floor opens. Led by CES, this hour long event showcases what’s new, what’s trending and best of all this year, what is really happening today with technology for consumers. There was a major emphasis on use cases and more use cases for tech that has been talked about for years at the event – VR, AR, audio, smart cities, digital health, vehicle tech and of course data.

What is clear from the first day and the news coming out ahead of the show – partnerships are more powerful and important than ever in the tech industry and the conversation about resilient tech is going to continue to grow over the next year as every company grapples with security, privacy and how new technology compromises or builds consumer trust.

Here are some highlights:

VR. Ready Player One is coming to life in 2019 with the fully body haptic suit by Teslasuit. Brands are creating early experiences to showcase VR possibilities and to test consumer reaction. Audi’s enter the sandbox demo was showcased.

AR. CES stated that they’ve seen application of AR pull ahead of VR over the past year, driven by significant hardware innovation. They cited how retailers like Zara are using AR deployments to test new consumer experiences and how education programs like Astro Reality are teaching kids about the solar system. CES also is talking about audio integration with AR and showcased Bose AR as one to watch.

Vehicle Tech of course was highlighted with data from CES that showed they are projecting full automation by 2030. At the same time self driving cars and transportation services are in action around the US.

Audio integration and the rise of Alexa, Siri and all their competitors is top of mind in 2019 and there is talk that the major Google exhibit outside the north hall is going to have some experience that shows how audio can expand in ways we haven’t thought of yet.

It’s opening day of the show and I’m off to mingle with 200,000 attendees from every corner of the world.