In the tech world, it’s quite hard to avoid the buzz around 5G. Since the roll out of its predecessor 5 years ago, entire industries (mobile, telecoms, enterprise, automobile, the list goes on) as well as increasing numbers of consumers have been asking ‘what’s next?’ when it comes to our network infrastructure. And a select few companies have been striving to answer this question.

One of those on the forefront of this burgeoning tech is chip giant Qualcomm, and we were privileged enough to hear its latest developments on 5G at its annual Snapdragon Tech Summit event last week. The Summit is the largest mobile press event in the world outside of Mobile World Congress in Barcelona with over 300 attendees from 30 countries present, and this year it was set in no other than Maui, Hawaii.

Despite the abundance of palm trees and Mai Tais, this event was not just about style but was also packed full of substance. The launch of Qualcomm’s 5G-ready processor, the Snapdragon 855, as well as news from partners such as OnePlus, EE and Samsung that 5G will be available for commercial use in 2019, means that the next 12 months are set to be a turning point in communications technology.

In the real world the potential of this technology is huge; whether its allowing consumers to download a movie in seconds, healthcare practitioners to treat patients remotely in real-time, empowering enterprises to harness new realms of mobile working or bringing the advent of autonomous vehicles, to name just a few! 

2019 is going to be a bumper year for mobile tech, and we are all going to feel the effects of 5G in a matter of months. I for one am excited to see the results...