For me, it all started with a presentation given by my colleague Virginie Puchaux, Managing Director of Hotwire France, earlier this year at Hotwire's global conference.

A recent study had shown women were severely silenced in French media, accounting for only 169 of the 1,000 most-publicised figures in the press in 2017.

I was shocked, but not surprised. 

Every day, I am surrounded by creative women inspiring change across their organisations. But relatively few of them are at the coalface of the press, getting their name and vision out there.

Virginie had a wonderfully practical suggestion: as a communications agency, we had a better job we could be doing of equipping female spokespeople with the training needed to front the media, and coming up with solutions to include them in thought leadership conversations. 

Gender imbalance in business and technology news has been a hot button issue in Australia too. 

Which-50, a digital transformation news site, crunched its numbers to uncover the worrying statistic that its editorial coverage in June 2018 mentioned 111 men and 24 women. And seven of those women appeared in a single story. 

To address this, Hotwire Australia is doing something simple, but vital.

For Hotwire Australia retainer clients, we will be offering up to four media training sessions per year for up to three female spokespeople per session at no charge in 2019.

It's a given that business influencers gain exposure through media-related activities, such as speaking slots, interviews with the press, and the creation of compelling thought leadership content. 

But by equipping female spokespeople with the best tools to navigate this environment, we hope to shift the needle on gender diversity in the Australian media.

What are you going to do to make a difference?