As companies break out the list of things to add to their resolutions for next year, I can bet more than a few will call out some version of "communicate our innovation story." This certainly has been the trend across all industries and shows no signs of slowing down.

Effectively telling your company’s innovation story can add extreme value to your brand. But it also takes diligence to uncover your unique story and the value of your innovation. You can't just slap some marketing on it.

Next year as many tech and more non-tech companies clamor to tout themselves as "innovative", marketers need to take a step back and take inventory of what's really going on in their company and their market.

Without giving away all the secret sauce and Hotwire’s own innovative approach, here are a few places to start looking at to discover what makes your company innovative:

  • Your customers – They are the source of all other feedback so why not ask them how you do it differently?
  • Your competitor’s customers – Some good old-fashioned enemy spying (kidding!). But learning their pain points could highlight your benefits.
  • Your target customers – What do they want from a company like yours? Are you delivering it? Tell everyone!
  • Your R&D team – A no brainer, but many times these teams are so heads down they aren’t going seek an outlet for the cool things they’re doing. You have to ask.

Innovation can be driven by a number of sources both internal and external to your organization, where have you uncovered innovation?