Enough with the acronyms, right?! Sorry.But in all truth, as someone who's been going to CES for more years than I care to remember, it's fascinating to see how mainstream this tech tradeshow really has become.

And this really hit home with the news that one of the world's leading CPG companies, P&G, is dedicating significant resources and cash to the show this year.Now, P&G are no strangers to innovation as they've been dabbling with technology for ages. Not only with their products, but also in their marketing campaigns like their Chompers podcast which uses Amazon Alexa to support kids brushing their teeth correctly (my household is obsessed)! But reading through what they're hoping to get out of CES is really interesting as it doesn't mention technology once.

This approach from P&G just shows really that CES is no longer a tech show, it's a show that showcases the best of what humans are capable of. While it could be easy to get distracted by the shiny gadgets, companies of all industries, shapes and sizes should look to the broader news to get insight into not just the technology of the future, but the products full stop of the future.

As someone whose work and clients straddle the consumer and technology worlds, this shift isn't surprising, but it definitely is exciting.