"Isn't that an American thing?" is a phrase I've heard a lot in the past month. From Halloween to Black Friday, our group FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out) is slowly overcoming the ‘naysayers’—those that resist the 'Americanisation' of Australian culture.

In recent years, local retailers have been veritably forced to participate in Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales in a bid to stop dollars going overseas. 

And much to the dismay of the remaining 'sourpuss Aussies'...Halloween is well and truly here too. Then let’s not forget the visiting NCAA College Football Sydney Cup complete with its own tailgate, and many restaurants offering Thanksgiving feasts.

It’s interesting to think what might come next? With so many American traditions making their way into our popular culture, there’s no stopping a wave of young Aussie consumers on a mission to never miss out on the fun.

Local businesses are loving the new excuses to sell us more stuff, more frequently, for more reasons. But will there come a tipping point? I don’t think so.

As our generation start having our own kids and pass down the traditions we had FOMO about when we were growing up, the ‘naysayers’ will be silenced, and there is no telling how far we’ll go.

Some may say our generation has fallen victim to the height of consumerism, but I say if it brings us closer together, or adds some fun to the calendar year, why not?