Yesterday at Cision CommsCon2018, Peter Heneghan of LADbible highlighted how the growth of the organisation has mirrored the rise of social media as a tool for engaging a wider breadth of audiences - exposing you to content outside of your everyday ‘echo chamber’. 

LADbible continually responds to the changing interests of its audience and its recent ‘Trash isles’ campaign - tackling the issue of polluted oceasn -  went from strength to strength using their extensive network and help from the Plastic Ocean Foundation

It seems that there’s actually a simple formula for getting your campaign viral. If you have an idea, all you need is the backing of a mass influencer (such as LADbible) and an ‘enabler’ i.e. an expert to validate your rationale and objectives.

If a campaign has a strong, meaningful purpose that resonates on a global scale, there is always the potential for widespread reach and a significant social impact. The key to amplification is combining contemporary trends in social media with the technology (VR, AR, AI etc...) already available to us - so don't be afraid to think bigger in your next brainstorm.