With Google partnering with Disney to enhance story-time reading with its Google Home, it looks like we’re starting to see real depth being built into voice-activated campaigns.

We discussed this with our team of neuroscientists and MIT researchers in our first Generation Alpha study – while up to now using Google Home or Amazon Echo has been fun and quite gimmicky (“Alexa – tell me a joke”, “OK Google – it’s my birthday”), we are now entering into a new phase where the technology can adapt and respond more intuitively than when it first came to market.

Anyone with young children can tell you that there’s no way of reading a story from beginning to end without interruptions – be it with their own commentary or all-important questions like “is the apple Snow White eats red or green?” [not sure, but it would probably have been organic], “does a kiss really wake you up if you’re dead?” [maybe if it’s from Ryan Gosling] or “mummy, do you whistle while you work?” [only when I’m trying to annoy my boss].

This evolved ability of Google Home to sense and respond to what we’re saying and doing will take voice one step further towards being a medium that brands can turn to in order to  directly engage with consumers in a more meaningful and fulfilling way. I for one, can’t wait!