I can be a grumpy person at times. Commuting woes, poor service, bad writing or just rainy days can turn me into a grouch. Something recently that has raised my ire is the proliferation of the 'ping' or 'ding' followed by a window popping up on my colleague's laptops when they are presenting to clients, prospects or to me.  

It's a small thing but equates in my mind to disrespect. By interrupting our time together with an uninvited comment is akin to someone walking into the room and interrupting the conversation.  You wouldn't do it in the physical world so why do it online?

But that's the tip of the iceberg. I have enough trouble staying focused in normal situations without having a constant barrage of notifications flashed in front of me. Being in the moment and being totally focused on what it is you are doing is getting harder and harder. What's worse however is the always on nature of our work. We are constantly in demand and so it becomes important to know how to switch off once the day is over. 

If it is indeed true that it takes on average 23 minutes and 15 seconds to get back to the task in hand after a distraction, then I'm left wondering how much more productive we could all be simply by turning off one controllable source of distraction - the notification. 

It's a simple life hack that will lead to better quality work, improved productivity and uninterrupted meetings . And that will take away one of the triggers to making me a grouch which is good for everyone.