The mantra "every company is becoming a tech company" speaks to the idea that organizations across industries are looking to drive innovation with technology. This rings true this week at Twin Cities Startup Week. This year, Grow North MN introduced the Food, Ag, Ideas Week event, a food innovator conference that spun out from Twin Cities Startup Week showing just how varied innovation in the Twin Cities is today.

Minnesota has a leading number of Fortune 500 food companies and a rich history of agriculture. Food innovation is a natural fit. But, it can be overshadowed by the hype surrounding local high-tech startups.

It shouldn’t be. General Mills started a VC fund for food startups, Techstars created the Farm to Fork Accelerator and Land O'Lakes' featured Super Bowl event, The Farm Bowl, put modern farming on a bigger stage.

The challenge now is how to capitalize on these programs to communicate the innovation stories. With an updated narrative on innovation and technology disruption, these companies – and the greater Twin Cities region – can improve the value of their brand.