As an industry disruptor, Netflix has never shied away from pushing boundaries. More than a decade ago it first transformed how people consume content through its on-demand format, whereby “binge watching” became mainstream.

Time will tell if Netflix’s bold new move into interactive TV will mean that the streaming company will again redefine how content is produced and consumed.

Many industry commentators have suggested that the “choose your own adventure” style concept is too niche to takeover traditional linear storytelling as the preferred media format.

But perhaps they might be underestimating the increasing value consumers place on customised content. This has no doubt been driven by the rise in AI technologies that enable brands to gain unprecedented levels of customer insight. AI is arguably the cornerstone of Netflix’s continued success due to its ability to analyse viewing and search patterns, as well as other behavioural data to offer content tailored to user‘s unique preferences.

Maybe in the future we might even see AI coupled with technologies such as facial and voice recognition in a scenario where online content viewing becomes fully immersive and “gamified”.

Certainly at a time of decreasing attention spans, interactive TV just might be a game changer (pun intended)!