This year’s political party conferences used the personal brand of some big players to get buy-in from various wings of each party, as well as the media and the broader electorate.

While party loyalty and policies are very important in how people vote in the British political system – personalities are too. They bring the party to life for the media and the voters, giving people someone to identify with and believe in. The personal qualities of the political heavyweights help people understand what type of party they represent. Johnson, May, Corbyn and others are as much a part of the current ‘brand’ the parties are pushing as the colours of blue and red are.

Politicians are sometimes seen as prioritising their own media fame over the interests of the party. However in reality, without personalities the party becomes faceless, resulting in public disengagement and even lower voter turnout. As such, pushing personal profiles is a strategic investment for the broader party.

We believe there are four vital elements for a spokesperson profile that will allow them to stand out from their company or party, and also differentiate themselves from peers from other walks of life;

  • the spokesperson needs to have a future-looking vision
  • personal anecdotes, bringing human interest
  • examples of their vision in action (or case studies)
  • and a track record of high level performance to back it up.

Lose one of these elements and the audience is either bored, unconvinced, or may question the speaker’s authority on the topic in question.

Johnson has vision – he wants a hard Brexit, both in theoretical and practical terms. But he isn’t in the Cabinet and is somewhat undermined by his lack of power to bring this vision to fruition.

Corbyn showed a more personal side than we’re used to seeing – he thanked his Mexican wife in Spanish from the stage. But without pointing to examples from around the world of how his left-wing policies would work, he’s seen as economically unviable by many.

Just as in politics, in business, personalities are what bring your brand to life. If you want to talk to Hotwire about an executive message platform for a senior leader, or how to build out the four vital elements needed to be truly remembered in a profiling scenario, please contact our corporate team through me on