The difference between Gen X and Millennials caught marketers by surprise. And technology was the clear differentiator.

But now that Millennials are having children - today's Generation Alpha - this shift is happening again. Our homes have never been so tech-centric, and this generation is growing up surrounded by it. 

For marketers who may not yet have kids of their own, it's hard to see just how dramatically different Generation Alpha is going to be. You only need to look at the reactions to our Generation Alpha video to see how many people were surprised and upset by the comments made by the kids (and I'm not just saying that as one of the moms of those children getting defensive about how much tech I allow my kids!).

We know that the many of the brands that did not adapt to Millennials coming of age crashed and burned - just try asking a Millennial or Gen Z about Kodak. That's why at Hotwire, we're trying to get ahead of the next generation with our reports into Generation Alpha and what marketers need to know.

I'm delighted to have been invited to speak about this at the upcomingANA Masters of Marketing in Orlando on October 27, and hope to see many of you there. My speech will aim to cover some of the fundamentals of who Generation Alpha, what marketers need to start thinking about now, and some of the brands who are doing it right. If you are going to be in attendance, let me know if there's anything else that you'd want to cover off and I'd love to set up a 1:1 session with you to discuss further.