Yesterday marked the launch of our second report into Understanding Generation Alpha. Whereas last year we looked to the experts for their views on how technology is affecting kids, this year it’s the parents turn. We asked 8,000 of them what they make of their kids’ use of technology and how this is impacting family life. We revealed the findings to a packed room of marketeers in London yesterday and these are the main takeaways:

  • Kids have a strong voice when it comes to making purchases in the family home

When parents go to buy a new device, they aren’t just thinking about how their kids will use it but in many cases will actually ask their opinion for buying it. Kids wield a lot more power now and as such brands need to think hard about how they market their wares to appeal to kids as well as parents.  Your audience may be a grown-up but it’s the kids who are becoming the key decision makers.

  • Don’t dumb down for kids

Parents believe their 8 year olds know more about technology than them – if kids are now teaching parents how to use technology in the home they don’t want to use a dumbed-down version themselves. Brands need to scrap kid-versions of apps and focus on creating universal devices and services that everyone can use – but ones that come with scalable safety features. Your kids may know more about tech, but you know more about the perceived risks and data security so keep them safe.

  • Authenticity matters just as much to kids as adults

Kids turn to YouTube kid influencers for recommendations. While brands can look at creative ways to partner with them to reach that audience, kids aren’t stupid. Authenticity must be the absolute driver or you’ll lose your audience completely.