I'm a parent of Generation Alpha (in fact my children are part of the video we filmed for this project) so I'm knee-deep in how tech-savvy this group of 8 and younger kids are. 

I used to think I was good with tech but seeing my children naturally talk to Alexa, navigate getting YouTube videos of Beyblade battles up on the TV and use my phone to play Pokemon Go shows shows that they're growing up very definitely to how I did.And for marketers like me, that's a challenge. 

That's why at Hotwire we started researching Generation Alpha, starting last year with a report with Wired Consulting that asked the experts, and now this year asking parents and children directly on their attitudes to tech.The results are fascinating - and entertaining. So do check out our full report at www.hwgenalpha.com including a video of Generation Alpha themselves.

I may now have more insight into Generation Alpha behavior than ever before. Unfortunately that doesn't necessarily translate into getting my Gen Alpha kids to behave as you'll see in our video...

If you're interested in Generation Alpha, please do get in touch at laura.macdonald@hotwireglobal.com