Another week, another initiative to get kids to spend less time staring at screens and more time out in the real world interacting with their peers.

This week, the Royal Opera House is having a go - opening up their doors to the general public and running 'baby ballet' classes to give parents a chance to share an activity with their kids which doesn't involve tech.

Thing is - treating tech as the enemy doesn't help anyone. While giving kids every opportunity to experience a broad range of culture is a good thing and should be applauded, it's pointless positioning physical experiences as good and screen time as bad in black and white terms. 

While it may make us all feel better, in the long run it's going to be about as effective as telling teenagers that drinking isn't good for them and that smoking isn't cool. Both these things may be true - but what self respecting teenager cares? They do it because everyone is telling them not to. Make screen time the enemy and kids will just find ways to play with gadgets without their parents knowing.

I'm not saying we should let kids spend every waking hour glued to their phone, but equally talking about addiction and escape isn't going to do us any good either. Like any good nutritionist would say - it's all about moderation. 

And that's the way for brands to talk about schemes like these - not as a solution to addiction, but an opportunity to get a different experience.

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