Going from 'good' to 'great' in the branding world is something many companies pay thousands, often millions, of dollars to achieve. 

I was fortunate enough to recently host a panel of marketing experts from MedicalDirector, Orchard Marketing, H&R Block and Zip Co., to discuss this exact dilemma and how marketers can transform their brand into one that adds value, meaning and ultimately generates revenue. To my delight, rather than the usual 'it really depends' type of answers, the panel were incredibly insightful, pointing out the importance of: 

  • Marketers taking a more proactive role in internal comms, to ensure 'connected care' isn't a message left solely in the hands of HR, but one that is developed to resonate throughout a business, from staff to customers and partners
  • Being vigilant with influencer marketing, and not jumping on the bandwagon of a good-looking or popular social influencer for the sake of it. Instead, the panel gave advice on how to strategically assess how brand ambassadors can be true to their own brand while also adding value to yours
  • Collaborating across departments, including with sales and the C-suite, to take a multi-pronged approach to building a GREAT brand. A brand that doesn't reflect business and sales goals will only appear GREAT to certain audiences. 
  • Not settling for 'good intention' - a lot of leaders and marketers have all the best intentions, but often fail to move brand management beyond that. Marketers need to take a more action-based approach to building and maintaining a brand that can withstand a change in CEO, shift in mainstream use of technology, and unpredictable macro-economics changes. 

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