Does the day end in "Y"? Then there is probably a data breach story in the media. With a growing roster of cyber security clients, and more clients having touch points in the space, it is an important opportunity for coverage.

But it isn't just an opportunity for our agency and our client set. Each breach or cyber incident is a hot target across the busy cyber security industry. Every opportunity has to be carefully approached to maximise and get our clients voice heard.

The British Airways hack last Friday presented just such an opportunity to our cyber security experts. 14 pieces of coverage for just one of our clients tells me the team did a great job. There are three things that made this work so well:

1 - the quote from the client was direct, hard hitting and made a clear point

2 - the team got it out to the media really quickly by working as a trusted partner to the client

3 - it wasn't just the tech/security media - travel and transport media were also on the list

While each breach provides an opportunity for coverage, the only way to get that killer cut through is by approaching it with thoughtful views and an even more thoughtful media strategy.