By Marine Reynaud, Programme Director 

Julie Doleman, Managing Director, Digital Innovation at Experian and Mark Earls, Advertising Professional and Author brought a different lens to the innovation conversation at the #DisruptionSummit this week. During their fireside chat aptly named ‘Things your mother didn’t tell you about innovation’, they talked about why real disruption is not a temporary innovation process but a permanent state of mind. And innovation comes only from a change of behaviour.

So how do brands go about achieving that? How do they encourage people to disrupt – or even better – to be disruptive? It's simple they said, there are two simple ways; diversity and engagement. Diversity by creating a cross functional team of people, without considering their seniority or daily jobs, and engagement by making the problem their concern.

And is disruption brought by funding or fun? 

“Fun is more powerful. Be sure that people are invested and enjoy the journey, it is the only way to drive an effective change of culture.” said Julie.

As many brands head into 2019 planning, these tips from Julie and Mark will be food for thought on how to successfully win the hearts and minds of employees and consumers.