This week's post from the UK Consumer team comes from programme director, Camilla Ives.

I think it’s safe to assume the average consumer understands they are being fed thinly-veiled advertising and marketing messages by brands through the people – influencers, creators, whoever – who they choose to follow. Whether that’s through Instagram, Twitch or Twitter, most people now recognise a promotion when they see one.

The role of the influencer in modern PR and marketing is certainly interesting, to put it mildly. Enter Logan Paul and KSI however, who in my opinion, have taken it to an altogether ‘icky’ new level this past week.

Listening, watching and reading media reports of this being “the biggest thing since the dawn of the internet” had me thinking…really?

I admire Logan Paul’s tenacity in his mission to redeem himself from being (and to quote the man himself) ‘the most hated man in the world’, and after posting a video of a dead body found in Japan’s “suicide forest”, KSI, too must be doing something right by his 20-odd million followers, but is reportedly known for trivialising rape. Lovely.

I don’t think this piece of elaborate internet theatre was fooling anyone, was it? Both men have got damaged reputations to save, and people who are aware of them would recognise that. All the more surprising, then, at how the mainstream media reported this piece of PR fodder, in most part, with complete sincerity! I think it’s time we gave the audience more respect when it comes to influencer marketing, not everyone suffers fools gladly.

Give me Anthony Joshua any day…