...don't fix it, right? Well, that seems to be ringing true for this year's IFA, which has got off to a product-announcement-packed start, with more shiny new gadgets being announced than you can throw your old selfie stick at.

We've been chatting about IFA at lot here at Hotwire, and eagerly anticipating what the latest and greatest innovations are going to be from some of the world's biggest tech brands. IFA is fast becoming the European equivalent to the showy CES in Vegas, and we're all for it.

But it often feels that each year IFA can feel a little samey. Big brand makes big announcement and everyone talks about it - the announcements are still super interesting, don't get me wrong, but I'd love to see a brand challenge the tried and tested. So who's doing something different this year? Who, in the words of the small but mighty Ariana Grande, is doing something to break free from the 'same old' style of announcement?

Sonos has made an amp sexy. Yes you read that correctly. And how? It's smart AND sexy. It looks good, performs well, and ties into the company's bigger ambitions around smart home technology. 

Carrying on the audio theme, B&O has rolled a new speaker into our lives - quite literally. Its new half sculpture-half speaker has got everyone talking - let's just not mention the price, eh?

Garmin has rolled out a much sleeker fitness tracker that looks set to take on its biggest rival more closely than before, but continued to ensure its software matches its hardware.

As for the giants, we've seen rumblings of a Samsung connected home, high on a hill, offering you an AR experience in the Family Guy house. This truly could be different for Samsung...let's see.

Until then, let's enjoy the show in the way we know how: product reveal after product reveal.