I'm risking alienating parts of the population and could be accused of breaking the corporate rule never to take political sides, but I'm drawn to this article in INC courtesy of a LinkedIn post by Bernard Marr

I've been an admirer of Retired Admiral Bill McRaven since reading his book, Make Your Bed (hint: if you've never read it, do so or watch him on YouTube). He's a straight talking, tough, no nonsense sort of guy. Exactly what you'd expect from a former leader of the US Navy Seals. 

His succinct put down of President Trump is one thing (and not directly the reason for this post). What struck me was the clear evidence of his leadership that shines through in the 230 word statement he made. 

Inc writer Bill Murphy  summarises McRaven's leadership credentials advice in five paragraphs: 

1. He's direct - saying what needs to be said in 230 words 

2. He has credibility - his track record speaks for itself

3. He sacrifices - he puts himself forward to make the same sacrifice others are making

4. He surprises - making an overt public statement in the way he has surprises his followers 

5. He offers a way out -- and a challenge. This is smartest bit about McRaven's approach

So don't judge this as a party political comment. View it through the lens of leadership. How many leaders (Elon Musk, I'm looking at you!) can credibly claim to take the same approach as this decorated public servant? 

Something to learn for all students of leadership and communication.