We've seen this time and again - retailers and technology companies (remember Bodega?) are pushing for a bold and innovative path forward - where convenience means substituting human interaction with automation or apps. As part of this effort, nothing is safe as the "traditional" ways of shopping are being flipped and tested beyond their limits with the main goal seemingly, kill the cashier! 

In a recent WIRED article, Krishna Motukuri, co-founder of Zippin, is playing the retail long-game with the mission of applying the company's Saas "store-in-an-app" tech to any type of retail environment. The physical store becomes a showroom and the consumer gets a human-free shopping experience - an introverts dream! But beyond millennials and Gen X, a larger group of consumers today (hello baby boomers!) are still hesitant to go to the self-checkout at their local Walmart let alone give us their entire "shopping experience" to an app.  

Don't get me wrong, I truly believe that this type of technology is the way forward and the future of retail. But c'mon Amazon and Zippin, there's got to be a better way to roll this out and educate audiences that want more than a faceless, "check-out free" future.