Flexible working continues to be a topic for debate as businesses search for ways to provide the best environment for productivity and personal well-being. With mental health awareness now on the rise and the realization that a healthy workforce is a productive workforce, businesses are finally adopting ever more innovative ways to accommodate an individual's working preferences.   

This is such a welcome development and should be embraced by the professional services sector. Presenteeism is an outdated concept that can only end in tears for companies that insist on staff being in the office come what may. Here at Hotwire we've taken a more enlightened view to working practices with the introduction several months ago of our Thoughtful Working policy. 

In this quote from our COO, Alex MacLaverty, she joins the debate by highlighting the productivity gains we've experienced by giving people the option of working wherever they feel most productive. It's a simple concept yet is a powerful tool in ensuring we can offer people the right environment to fit their needs and working preferences. 

The article in Raconteur is  worth a five minute read as it outlines both the academic research and real life results that indicate the benefits of this new way of working.